Basic Forex in Urdu
Forex Trading In Urdu

Forex trading in urdu

Candlestick Pattern Guide in Urdu Complete Forex training In Urdu Forex Trading Tutorial In Urdu Complete Forex Trading In urdu Online Forex Trading course in urdu.

Forex Training inUrdu

Forex Guide In Urdu

Make Strong Stratgey and set you Plain in Daily Earning If you Want to Success In Forex Trading Business I will provide you Forex trading Course in Urdu.

Learn forex in Urdu

Forex Training in Urdu

For manual trade fundamental Analysis is very important Every success full trader Analysis the Fundamental rules I will share you forex training in Urdu.

Learn forex In Urdu

Learn Forex Trading In Urdu

For long term and short term trading Technical analysis is very necessary Here you can learn technical Analysis Easily onlie Forex trading in Urdu.

Forex Robot For Sale

Forex Trading Tutorial in Urdu

Before start the trading you must analysis the fundamental and technical analysis For Better result Make a paper work Learn Forex Trading in Urdu.

Forex Guide in Urdu

Learn Basic Forex In Urdu

Forex trading is a Vast and knowledge able World wide Business Here we need to skill Full and must Prepare our Self for this Case i will Provide you Forex Training in urdu

Forex Tutorial in urdu

Learn Forex Trading In Urdu

Forex Market is A Biggest makret of the world Daily Five Trillion Dollar Business in this Market For more information of this Business contact me i Will Teach you forex trading in Urdu.

Forex course in urdu

Online Forex Trading Course In Urdu

There are two types of trading Long term trading and short term Trading Mostly New Traders like Short term trading and Scalping But Professional Traders like Long Term trading and Get good Profit I will Share you Secret of Both in my Forex Trading Course in Urdu.

Forex training in urdu

Learn Forex Training In Urdu

News Trading In Forex Market is Very usefull its a good way to Generate a Quick income in short time.Learn Complete Forex Trading in Urdu.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Basic Forex Urdu | Forex Training Urdu

Learn forex Trading in Urdu what is forex ? word Forex infact has been taken from forign exchange, currency exchange and currency trade ehter changed of any other's currency is called forign exchange. It is biggest market in the world.This work hast started in 1971. The daily business in this markeet is aproxmatily 5.0 Trialin Dollars. This markeet has been worked 24 Hours throughout the world and this markeet remain open monday to friday forex has four big markeets in the world.


 How to work forex market ?

This market currency has been exchange and purchase to any other currency Forex market has been working in the forum of currency pair Forex example Eur /USD is a currency pair and there is also a major currency pair and cross currency pairs in Forex trading markets. we can also trade in commodities despite currency pair , Gold , silver and crude oil

 Who is trader ?

 The person who has purchase the currency is called trader

 Who is Broker ?

 Trader want to trade it may be buy or sell who act upon this process is call broker Type of Broker is STP and ECN.

Basic Forex Urdu

Forex Trading Urdu | Basic Forex in Urdu

Forex Trading Urdu Here i will Guide you Order types we have two types of orders first is instant order and 2nd is pending orders. what is instant order ? instant order mean the order which give at that time immediately if you know the current status of markets that is will be up or down than which order you give the order will be execute immediately.

What is pending order ?

 If you analysis the market and you think that the market up and down pips. after this you will set the pending order if market reach to your pending order's price then your order will be execute otherwise your order will expire . Now you have two types orders one is buy and 2nd is sell order if market is going up then you will set order of buy if market is going down then you will give the order of sell.

If you have instant order or pending order in this time you must have to use take profit and stop loss of in your orders. Volume size , order size, and lot size have same meaning that which trade order you are going to set. how much size it hat your leverage size, contract size , margin and margin level plays very important roll in your Forex trading.

Forex Trading in Urdu

Forex Training Urdu | Forex In Urdu

Course out line is Below you can

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Forex Robot For Sale | Forex Trading Urdu

Forex Trading In Urdu: 

There are two method of trade in Forex trading market.one is manual trade and 2nd is auto trading. For manual trading you have to research at daily basis. it is necessary you have knowledge about fundamental, technical and sentimental in market. After command of these knowledge you can trade at manual level In this my Course i will Teach you Forex Trading In Urdu.

Auto trade :

The 2nd  Forex Trading Method is Forex robots and expert adviser is very necessary for auto forex trading there are many robot in market which are working since 2001 till now you can run this robot at your own willing currency this robot give order at itself and close also itself.you also need vps in auto trading so that  your robot will work 24 hrs without any problems.For more Information About Forex Trading in Urdu Contact me I will Provide you Both Information.

If you want to do work with us in auto trading then account is yours and robot will be ours. Your account will be run on vps 24 Hrs You can also Pay 10$ monthly as vps charges. Your account must has as minimum 100$ for trading.Any type of account with any type of brokers as we recommend you have to open account  with us. Which Earning you will Get from your account You Will Take 70% and we will take 30%.

For Example

If you earn 100$ in a Month then you will Get 70$ and we will take 30$.Withdraw Will Be After Every Week.This Robot Will Be trade on minimum Risk and It Gives you 2% to 5% Profit At daily Base.If any Person Interested in Forex Robot then i Offer Forex Robot For sale. Remember this i am not Responsible if your account goes to loss.For Further information Contact me. 

Forex Trading in Urdu

Forex Robot For Sale

Forex Guide Urdu | Learn forex Urdu

Forex Guide in Urdu

Here I Will Share you some Basic and use full information About Forex Trading You Will Be able to learn Forex Trading in Urdu.

What is spread?

Basically Spread is a difference between amount of purchase and amount of sell. in other words the difference between bid  value and ask is also called spread and the read and Gray in chard is also called spread.

What is Forex Trading hedging ?

Forex Guide in Urdu is Good Hedging Method here.Hedging is basically a from of loss. The hedge your trade you have must knowledge about hedging. For example if you set a trade of buy and market is going your against and you don't want to close your current buy trade then you set the trade of sell order according situation of current market. In the same way if market going down then trade of buy order is loss but the trade of sell order is in profit.I have a Secret hedging method here you can Earn profit in your Forex Trading 100% Granted.

What is pip ?

Pip is a form of earning in Forex trading market. pip means point in percentage or price interest point. we call pip of 4th digits after decimal point. For example the price of Eur/Usd goes from 1.4550 to 1.4590 then in this currency pair there is a difference of 40 pips.I will Guide you more  secret about Forex Trading in my course Forex Trading In Urdu.

Forex Guide in Urdu

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